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Oil And Gas Extraction Workers: Falls, Other Injuries And Fatalities

  • By: Amy Brewer
  • Published: April 25, 2018
Oil and Gas Extraction Workers

Results indicate that the majority of oil and gas extraction workers who died from a fall worked for a drilling contractor and fell from a height of 30 feet or greater. The occupation most commonly involved in a fatal fall were derrickmen, who work up to 90 feet above the rig floor on the derrick board, handling pipe. Their work is physically demanding, repetitive, and requires a great deal of concentration. Without proper safeguards, one misstep can result in a fall fatality. Rigging up and down was also identified as a hazardous operation possibly due to the opportunity for miscommunication that is created with the simultaneous movements of large equipment, vehicles, and workers. (NIOSH Article Posted on April 27, 2017, by Krystal L. Mason, ScM,

Oil and gas extraction workers face many other types of injuries, such as exposures to hydrocarbon gas and vapors, exposure to benzene, a known carcinogen, exposures to specific chemicals during oil and gas extraction flow back and production testing activities, or even skin cancer from lack of proper protection from the sun. Oil and Gas workers also have a risk for more common types of injuries to the neck and back, or other parts of the body, from lifting or falling.

Regardless of the severity of the injury, oil and gas workers who suffer work injuries related to their duties should speak to this workers’ compensation attorney who is experienced in handling healthcare industry claims.

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