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“Hello, I hired Amy Brewer at the last minute to help me with a workman’s comp case, and it took her only four months to settle my case, she is a wonderful person at heart as well as a great lawyer, I put all my trust into her, and she came through, thank you once again Amy! ”

Victor P.

“I will make this a simple and short as possible because my careers always demanded extensiv detail. After being injured pretty seriously on the job in which should have been a trip to the ER! I was sent home right away while still in shock before the extent of my injuries fully surfaced. So I end up at Workmans Compensation for treatment. As a former volunteer firefighter/ medic I have extensive experience in trauma and body mechanics.
I was absolutely stunned that the two main phychians would avoid addressing , label as pre-exsisting and even accuse me of making up new injuries!

When I called one of them out on it he lost it and kicked me out of the facility and abruptly ended my treatment!
Time to find a good Attorney! Instead I got lucky and found a very nice, intelligent and compassionate lady who brought those assets with her when she became an Attorney! I had done my research and even though it was just Amy and her outstanding Paralegal assistant Ann my gut feeling led me to her! With the stress and still untreated injuries my frustration has been replaced with hope and confidence that my case will reveal the truth! All I wanted was to have my injuries taken care of so I could return to the job I very much enjoyed! My advice would be to see Amy at Brewer Law Offices first. You won’t be disappointed!”


“Amy never overstated or made promises that she couldn’t deliver on. Both Amy, and her assistant Ann, were always, without exception, prompt, courteous and professional in all our interactions. I was extremely satisfied with my case and the final outcome.”


“Amy Brewer has backbone. I got hurt on the job and my employer did not have workman’s compensation insurance. They didn’t offer to help and I knew that wasn’t right. I talked to four other lawyers who just didn’t care. Then I called Amy Brewer. Not only did she settle my case fast, the award Amy won exceeded my expectations. Amy’s was easy to talk with and her professional approach gave me confidence that I was getting the best representation on my behalf.”

A Satisfied Client

“I was very apprehensive about the process of getting compensated for my work-related injury. Amy’s years of experience and the way she clearly explained the law and the process, reduced my anxiety and helped me establish realistic expectations.”

A Satisfied Client

“I hired Amy to help me with a work injury. Her office was not only prompt in setting an initial consultation with Amy, but they were able to work around my schedule. Amy is so personable yet professional. I always felt like she was thinking 2 steps ahead and preparing me for what I could expect. Dealing with a work injury is a long process and she was there with me every step of the way.”

A Satisfied Client

“Great person honest and to the point and will go out of her way to make your case work for you, always answered my questions and her paralegal was always nice on phone they are great and highly recommend her.”

Richard M.

“Although my case has not come to an end, I find Amy is great with her abilities to adapt to the concerns in which I have with the case and allow a sense of ease…thank you, Amy!”

Workers’ Compensation Client

“Amy is incredibly knowledgeable in her field. She takes the stress off of the client and provides so much information and assistance throughout the process. Both Amy and her paralegal, Ann, are very responsive, helpful, and compassionate. I highly recommend Amy for anyone with a worker’s compensation claim.”

Workers’ Compensation Client

“Amys strong points are her knowledge of all disability laws and her dedication to winning your case. Amy is also a kind and compassionate person who understands what you are going through in your case. Amy will take the time to listen to you when you’re having a bad day and most important so does the people that work for her. I have known Amy since 2010 and she has put her heart into winning all my cases. So if you are looking for a lawyer who takes pride in her work ethic Amy is your lawyer.”

Americans with Disabilities Act Client

“My experience with Ms. Brewer was as a Workers’ Comp claims adjuster referring files for the Insurance Carriers I worked for. She was very responsive and I enjoyed strategizing any upcoming litigation. Her extensive knowledge of the Colorado WC system was and is still amazing. She is fully knowledgeable about all WC laws and Rules. It was a pleasure working with her and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to take on WC Clients in her current practice.”

Workers’ Compensation Client

“I choose Amy Brewer from a referral. I was confused scared and overwhelmed. Amy stood up for me in many ways and has stayed by my side on this journey that has been so difficult to navigate. I am grateful to her and her staff. I would highly recommend Amy.”

Social Security Disability Client

“I cannot say enough good things about Amy and her paralegal, Ann. Both are extremely helpful, thoughtful, and knowledgeable. They are responsive and timely as well. I trust Amy to give me the best advice and to do what is right for me. I highly recommend her for any work comp case!”

Claudia K.

“If you ever need a Workmans Compensation Attorney that dedicates her practice in that area only, look no further!
Workmans Compensation put me through hell and my belief that it only happens to other people went right out the window.

Went with my gut instinct after wasting my time interviewing with two larger firms. Amy I found was a breath of fresh air in the field of Law! It’s rare you find such a caring, compassionate person who then goes into practicing law. Amy and her awesome Paralegal assistant Ann are from what I hear on a very small list of Attorneys they actually dread dealing with at Workmans Compensation! That’s quite the achievement when big insurance companies are involved.

As a client, you’ll get your questions answered right away. And if Amy is out of the office Ann is just as qualified to answer any questions you may have. When I told Amy about one of the doctor’s uncalled for conduct I didn’t even think she would believe me. She said…..I know him well and have dealt with him before and that doesn’t surprise me!

That left me very confident and without a doubt that I made the right choice!”

Jeff S.

“Amy Brewer was pivotal in my survival after being injured at one of the large corporations here in Summit County. I, of course, needed representation due to unjust decisions on the employer’s side. THANKS AGAIN, Amy!”

Craig P.

“Amy gets things done and is there for you! I’m glad I had Amy on my side. Thanks Amy!”

Sue M.

“I know Amy to be a lawyer of exceptional integrity, and diligence.”

Laurenette B.

“Amy Brewer is very knowledgeable about the entire worker’s compensation process. Amy is very kind and compassionate and truly understands what you are going throughout your case. If you have a worker’s compensation matter, I would highly recommend you call Amy to help you with your case.”

Ann H.