Who Will Pay My Medical Bills?

If you were injured on the job in the Denver Metro area, you are entitled to medical treatment to cure and alleviate the injury. Your employer's workers' compensation insurance carrier is responsible for all injury-related medical costs that are reasonable, necessary and authorized.

At The Brewer Law Offices P.C., we have been helping injured employees in Denver Metro and the mountain communities of Summit County since 1992. Our attorney, Amy Brewer, is experienced in a broad spectrum of workers' compensation claims and claims involving a wide range of injuries.

Authorized Treating Physicians

After the workers' compensation insurance carrier approves your work injury claim, you will be assigned an authorized treating physician (ATP). In order to choose a different doctor, you need to meet certain requirements. Our law firm can counsel you about your rights and options.

What If Medical Treatment Is Denied?

Even if your ATP recommends medical treatment, such as an expensive surgery, the insurance carrier may still deny it. In such cases, the insurance company may get an independent medical examiner to investigate the matter. Obviously, these independent medical examiners do not always have your best interests in mind.

If your treatment was denied, we can help. Our law firm has significant experience assisting individuals with denied workers' compensation claims.

Contact A Denver Attorney For Workers' Compensation Appeals

When it comes to medical benefits, do not let your employer or his or her insurance company talk you out of pursuing your legal rights. Schedule a free initial consultation with our lawyer by calling The Brewer Law Offices P.C. in the Denver Metro area at 303-420-8080 or in Breckenridge at 970-453-4753. We can also be contacted online. All calls and online submissions are promptly returned.

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