Did You Sustain A Head Injury At Work?

After a heavy labor accident causing extensive injuries to your head and neck, you need the help of skilled, dedicated workers' compensation lawyers who protect your rights — especially your right to wage and medical benefits if thrown out of work, and your employer or its insurer is slow to acknowledge your condition.

At The Brewer Law Offices P.C., our skilled workplace accident injury attorneys use their decades of combined experience, legal knowledge, negotiation skills and compassionate personal attention to get you the benefits and money you need. We represent injured workers in the Denver Metro area and throughout the mountain communities of Summit County.

Amy L. Brewer has successfully investigated and executed many on-the-job head and neck injury accident claims for injured clients. She knows the special challenges you face — lost wages, medical bills and the pain and suffering of your recovery, just to name a few. She also knows the irony that a head injury implies — that because the brain is often affected, you may not even remember your accident or the degree to which you were hurt, due to a concussion.

You can depend on our trusted workplace injury law firm to offer your best chance of receiving the help you need to restore your health and return to your job, so you can resume providing for your family. Contact The Brewer Law Offices P.C. We serve a diverse employee clientele, ranging from construction workers to service industry workers, in Denver Metro and throughout the mountain communities of Summit County.

The Brewer Law Offices P.C. — Denver Attorneys Handling Neck Injury Cases

A head injury suffered in a fall from great heights at a work site, or when a worker is struck by a falling object, can result in memory loss, alterations in speech, changes in behavior and the inability to complete simple daily tasks.

A severe neck injury from repetitive stress or blunt impact may involve damage to the spinal cord, causing paralysis, numbness, headaches and blurred vision, or a disk that is bulging, herniated or degenerative — resulting in permanent disability.

Don't leave your head or neck workplace injury untreated, thinking you can "tough it out" until the crisis passes. Many of these injuries do not fully manifest themselves for weeks, months, even years. For a free consultation with our head injury lawyer, call The Brewer Law Offices P.C. at 303-420-8080 in the Denver Metro area, at 970-453-4753 in Breckenridge or contact us online. Hablamos español.