Do You Suffer From Carpal Tunnel?

Denver Metro area citizens who work in supermarkets or as loaders for United Parcel Service (UPS) and even ditch diggers can suffer from heavy repetitive stress and upper extremity problems in the course of their duties.

If your wrist pain has become a carpal tunnel or cubital tunnel syndrome difficulty, and is preventing you from doing your job, you should be receiving workers' compensation benefits.

If you are not — if your workplace injury application has been delayed or denied — you need skilled job injury attorneys on your side who can make a difference.

We are the dedicated workers' compensation lawyers at The Brewer Law Offices P.C. in the Denver Metro area and the mountain communities of Summit County. Our goal in every case we handle is to get you the benefits and money you deserve in order to return to good health, return to your job and resume providing for your family.

Amy L. Brewer has handled many carpal tunnel, cubital tunnel and repetitive stress injury workers' comp cases during her many years of experience. She aggressively advocates for your right to obtain benefits when your employer and its insurer are slow to act in response to your lost wages and medical bills.

Contact us. Your consultation with The Brewer Law Offices P.C. is free. We can come to your home or hospital room if your injury prevents travel. And the contingency fee basis for our work means you owe no attorney fee unless we win your case.

Denver Attorney Handling Repetitive Stress Injuries

Carpal tunnel and cubital tunnel on-the-job injuries can often occur in professions that feature:

  • Assembly line work
  • Item scanning at markets
  • Typing in an office
  • Use of engraving tools or any vibrating tool
  • Excavation work on construction sites

Are you feeling the pain of carpal tunnel from work at your office or warehouse job? Has your employer or its insurer refused to acknowledge your sacrifice? Contact The Brewer Law Offices P.C. for a free consultation. Call us in the Denver Metro area at 303-420-8080, in Breckenridge at 970-453-4753 or reach us by email. Hablamos español.