Types Of Workers’ Compensation Benefits In Denver Metro

Employees who are injured in workplace accidents in West Denver Metro are entitled to certain benefits under the Workers’ Compensation Act.

Although employees may be extremely careful to avoid getting injured while at work, accidents happen. According to the West Denver Metro Workers' Compensation Act, employers are required to provide their employees with a safe working environment, and prompt medical treatment should a worker become injured while on the job. Employees who suffer from an occupational disease or who die as a result of their employment are also entitled to certain benefits from their employer.

Compensation Benefits

Temporary disability benefits are available to employees who miss more than three days of work because of their workplace injuries. The worker must be away from the job for at least two weeks before they are able to receive compensation for those first three days of missed work. Temporary total disability is awarded if the injured employee is unable to work at all, and temporary partial disability is given if the employee is able to work part of his or her shift. When workers are able to commit to their normal shift once again, compensation benefits will be terminated.

There are certain situations, however, where the amount of compensation may be adjusted or terminated altogether. According to Denver Metro statutes, this will occur if a person:

  • Is injured on the job after using alcohol or drugs.
  • Is actually able to physically perform at the job but was misleading the employer regarding their physical condition.
  • Is injured because they failed to follow a posted safety rule or did not use a mandatory safety device when performing a job.
  • Owes child support.

Permanent disability may be awarded if the employee will not be able to recover from the workplace injury. For example, if the employee is in an accident that causes paralysis, severe spinal cord injuries or amputation of a limb, they may be awarded permanent disability compensation.

Medical Benefits

In Denver Metro, employers have the ability to choose a licensed physician to provide medical treatment to their injured employees, according to the West Denver Metro Division of Workers' Compensation. All medical treatment, physical therapy, prescription medication and medical supplies are covered by workers' compensation.


In some cases, a company may want to settle with an employee in an attempt to forgo workers' compensation payments over time or a lengthy court lawsuit. In exchange for the settlement, the worker may agree to waive their right to workers' compensation benefits and agree to avoid further legal action regarding the incident.

When To Speak To An Attorney

If you have been injured while working, it is imperative that you speak to an established workers' compensation attorney who can explain your legal options and rights. As a Denver Metro worker, you are entitled to certain benefits for your injuries. Make sure that you get everything that you're entitled to by contacting an attorney.

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